Paed-IQ Pvt Ltd is a South African based medical information company that seeks to provide information and services to parents and caregivers that will enhance the level of care they are able to provide to their children.

“Our mission at Paed-IQ is to provide parents and caregivers with the best possible resources to holistically improve the health of every child.”

At the time it was founded, Paed-IQ partnered with the Paediatric Management Group of South Africa, a body that represents the majority of Paediatric specialists in private practice in South Africa. Through this collaboration, a database of information on common health conditions in children was developed. This information has been reviewed and was endorsed by the Paediatric Management Group of South Africa. This ensures that the information on this website is of the highest possible standard and specifically tailored to the needs of South African children.

Our corporate partner, The Clicks Group Ltd, is one of the largest retailers in the healthcare market in South Africa. With over 400 pharmacies and clinics nationwide, Clicks has become a well-established household name. The Clicks loyalty program, through its ClubCard and BabyClub, offers their members a number of value added services. One of these services is access to the Paed-IQ portal.

Our other Partners