The Paed-IQ 24/7 BabyLine

Access to reliable health care advice is not always easy. Particularly in the first few years, parents are often confronted with a variety of health issues. Taking the child to a doctor or ER unit is not always easy or practical and often what is needed is expert advice on what the next step should be.

Paed-IQ has partnered with the global leaders in this field and is proud to offer the first dedicated parent advice line in South Africa. This service is available for parents on a subscription basis. All information provided has been specifically developed to provide advice and education for parents on common health conditions that affect children. The system that is used by the Paed-IQ 24/7 BabyLine is also in use by the St Louis Children’s Hospital, and has been adapted to South Africa in collaboration with the Department of Paediatrics of the University of Pretoria.

Telephonic advice cannot replace consultation and in no way offers diagnosis or prescription. The Paed-IQ 24/7 BabyLine offers parents the extra support they so often need when coping with the challenges of parenthood.

Subscription costs R360 for the year. This allows parents unlimited access to the Paed-IQ 24/7 BabyLine.

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